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My water usage is high. What should I do?

  •  Check sprinklers and timing devices regularly to make sure they are working properly.  Sometimes the timer may be set to turn on while you are not aware of it, or it may have defaulted to the factory settings in the event of a power outage.
  • Try to remember if you, a family member, a house sitter or a contracted vendor may have mistakenly left the water running during the previous month?  
  • Does your pool have an automatic fill system?  If so, check to see if the valve was stuck in the “on” position.  
  • Check the toilet tank for leaks.  This can be done by putting a little food coloring in the tank. Wait about 20-30 minutes.  If the color of the water in the bowl changes, then there is a leak.  (Be sure to flush the toilet when done, since food coloring may stain your toilet.)  

Things that can be wrong with your toilet:

Flapper valve stuck in open position.

Worn flapper not allowing for proper seal.

Misaligned chain.

Tank float or level adjustment allows water running into the overflow tube.

  • Check other pipes and faucets for leaks.  Not only can visible pipes and faucets have leaks, but those not in view can also be leaking.   
  •  Look at walls where pipes stick out. Look for discoloration, moisture, and sponginess.  
  • Make sure all outside hose bibs are turned off completely.  Even small leaks can make a big impact on your water bill.  
  •  Check other appliances in the house (dishwasher, sink disposal system, solar panels, water softener etc) for possible leaks.
  •  Monitor your water flow at the meter. To do this, turn off all water in the house then go outside and look at your water meter. Write down the water meter register reading. Do not run water for 2 hours.  Check the meter again.  If the meter reading has advanced, then there is a leak or use of water.   To determine the location of a leak: turn the water off at the emergency shut off valve.  This valve is usually located near an outside hose bib.  Wait 2 hours, check the meter reading as before.  If the meter register reading has advanced, then there is a leak between the house and the water meter, in the water service line.  If the meter reading has not advanced, the leak is not in the service line but in or around your home.      If you need the water meter turned off (free of charge) to repair a leak, call 239 533-8845. 


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