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How does my water meter work?

In most cases, the meter is in a meter box located at the front of your property near the street under ground.  The meter register, which records your water use looks like the picture below.  All water from the water main to your residence passes through your water meter.  The meter flow indicator (resembling a hand on a clock) records usage in 1 gallon increments.  The black numbers on the white background shows usage in 1,000 gallon increments.  

Your water meter is read monthly.  The meter reader only records the 1,000 gallon increments as the reading.  For instance, if your meter readings (ending minus beginning reading from prior month) showed a usage of 3,600 gallons, you would only be billed for 3,000 gallons for that particular month.  This is also why you may see usage of 3,000 for a month or two and then see a jump to 4,000 gallons the next month.  The meter register only records usage when water passes through it.  If you don’t know where your water meter is located and would like to locate it, call Customer Service at (239) 533-8845.

IMPORTANT: It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the area near the meter is not obstructed.  If the meter is blocked, LCU has the authority remove obstructions to the meter box.