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Dear Yacht Club Colony Resident:


Lee County Utilities has been diligently working towards providing reliable potable drinking water to the residents of Yacht Club Colony.   As service is being restored, our next objective is to establish customer accounts and begin billing for services.     


To create your customer account, we ask that you complete and sign the New Account Application form and mail it to 7391 College Parkway Fort Myers FL 33907.  If you are renting out your property to another person(s), you may elect to allow your renter(s) to establish service in their name rather than your own.  If this is the case, please forward this information to your renter.  We ask that all applications be returned to us no later than June 8th, 2012. 


Lee County Utilities water residential rates are as follows:


Base Fees            $11.35 Per Month


Usage Fees

        1,000 –   6,000  gallons used     $2.95 Per thousand gallons

        6,001 –  12,000  gallons used     $3.69 Per thousand gallons

       12,001 – 18,000  gallons used     $4.43 Per thousand gallons

       18,001 +          gallons used      $5.90 Per thousand gallons


As you know, your neighborhood’s water distribution system (including the water meters) is aged and must be replaced.  If it turns out that your meter is not accurately reflecting your water usage, you will be billed for services based on estimated usage.   


Please take a minute to review our webpages so that you can to learn more about Lee County Utilities and the services it provides.


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact us at 239-533-8845 or by e-mail at We look forward to serving you.

Lee County Customer Service Department