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 Mandatory Business Recycling

Mandatory Business Recycling

Ordinance No. 07-25

The Board of County Commissioners on Sept. 11, 2007, adopted Ordinance No. 07-25 
relating to Mandatory Recycling of Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Solid Waste, and Construction and Demolition Debris. What you need to know: 
Who is affected by this ordinance?
Businesses and Multifamily Dwelling Units (Condos, Apartments, etc.) in unincorporated Lee County and the City of Bonita Springs
What material am I required to recycle?
The recyclable material that by weight takes up most of your solid waste stream of the following:
1.      Fiber (office paper, cardboard, newsprint, magazines, junk-mail, fiberboard
         boxes, phone books, etc.)
2.      Commingled containers (plastic #1-7, container glass, aluminum, steel, tin cans)
3.      Ferrous metal
4.      Non-Ferrous metal (aluminum)
5.     Wood
6.      Other (by Solid Waste Division approval)
When did this ordinance become effective?                           
This ordinance became effective Jan. 1, 2008.

How can I purchase recycling containers?
The Solid Waste Division has a limited amount of 4-gallon indoor recycling containers available. The containers are blue and feature the recycling logo; they are approximately 14 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Price each is $4.00 plus tax.
Also available are 18-gallon recycling bins (similar to those used for curbside residential collection) for $6.00 each plus tax. Call the Solid Waste Division at 533-8000 to order recycling containers.

download a copy of the Ordinance