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Palmona Park Project


The Palmona Park Water Quality Improvements include drainage upgrades to a 200+ acre, 1960’s subdivision generally located in the northeasterly quadrant of Tamiami Trail (US 41) and Pine Island Road (SR 78) in North Fort Myers, Florida. This project primarily concerns water quality improvement associated with the open ditch along Brown Road and San Jose Street. The anticipated improvements will focus on addressing the water quality parameters dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, and nitrogen as well as containment of litter and debris to the greatest extent practicable within the existing rights-of-way.   The project design takes into consideration balancing the flow of water in the above ditch and stream system to improve the surface water quality outflows.


Palmona Park Location Map 

Palmona Park FDEP 872 5520 Tidal Station 

Palmona Park PPWQI W-G-C-M (24X36) Map

Palmona Park Project Control Elevations

Palmona Park Task 4.07 Transmittal Letter

Palmona Park Coordination Meeting Minutes