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  Form 0645.doc

  Form 0645.doc

  Form 0645_G60_Table_A.doc

  Form 0645_G60_Table_A.pdf

  Form 0645_G61_Table_B.doc

  Form 0645_G61_Table_B.doc

  Form 0645_G61_Table_B.doc

  Form 0645_G65_Table_D.doc

1)    Form RC-1A/W(0645)  Please complete sections A, B, C, H and I, along with whichever other sections apply to your project (D, E, etc. You will need to complete at least one of these). Please complete section D for irrigation uses.

2)    Table B "Description of Surface Water Pumps" or Table A "Description of Wells", whichever applies to your project.

3)    If the application is for irrigation, please complete Table D "Crop Information" describing the crop type, number of irrigated acres, irrigation method, and growing season. The number of irrigated acres should only include the acreage actually being irrigated. Please subtract out any impervious area, lakes, swales, ditches, roads, space between plants, or any other areas not being irrigated. 

4)   Fee: $350.00 GP Minor(<100,000 Gallons per day) or $1,000.00 for a GP Major(>100,000 and >  500,000 Gallons per day)and $1,000.00 for an individual which is over 500,000 gallons per day usage.

5)    An aerial photograph of the project site (can be obtained from for Lee County property assessor's web site)

6)    A site location map (8.5" X 11") depicting the project boundaries and major roads in the area (can be obtained from

7)    Proof of ownership, such as a tax record or warranty deed, listing both the owner name and Section, Township and Range for the project (can be obtained from

8)     A project site plan showing the location of all existing and proposed irrigation facilities  

***Please remember to include 3 copies of all items when submitting your application packet, and retain a copy for your records.