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Blueway Phase 3

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    Go to the Parks & Recreation website to check out the Current Brochure for current events, classes and programs. 

    New Program - Start! Walking

    Parks & Recreation has Blueways and Greenways for getting outside and kayaking water trails and walking trails.  Also many of the parks have fitness classes available.  Some of the recreation centers have a full gym available for a fee.  There are many dog friendly walking trails and beaches so you can also include your best friend! Check out the nearest Park or Recreation center nearest you for more details!


    Lee County Extension Services website has many available resources. 

    Check it out for information on Suncreens and Sun Safety, Money Talk Financial Sessions, New Credit Card Protections, Food Safety, and much more!

    Go to Families and Consumers - Family Resources for topics concerning:
    Managing Stress - Free online workshops.
    Health Begins at Home - Clean and well-maintained homes can prevent many illnesses and injuries.  Learn how good health begins at home.
    And they have LivingWell newsletters available online.

    “Recreation trails are for people. They allow us to go back to our roots. Trails help humans make sense of a world increasingly dominated by automobiles and pavement. They allow us to come more closely in touch with our natural surroundings, to soothe our psyches, to challenge our bodies, and to practice ancient skills.” Randolph T. Hester, Jr., Planning Neighborhood Space with People