Policy: The county will pay one real estate brokerage commission from the proceeds of the real property sale to a licensed real estate broker representing a successful bidder whereby the broker has registered with the county as the agent for the bidder prior to the bid opening.


The Commission paid will be no greater than 6% of the total purchase price for properties valued at $50,000 or more, and no greater than 10% of the total purchase price for properties valued at $49,999 or less.


A brokerage commission will be paid only to a licensed real estate broker acting strictly as an agent for a successful bidder.  No commission shall be paid by the county to any licensee identified in the sale as a party vested with a beneficial interest at the time of transfer of ownership.






1.                  Following the Board of County Commissioners formally declaring a county-owned real property to be surplus under F.S. 125.35, the county will advertise, by way of print media and the internet, its desire to sell specific property to the highest/most responsive bidder.


2.                Any broker or licensee of the broker interested in participating in the bid process on behalf of a bidder will be required to register with the Division of County Lands their intent to participate in the process, and will be required to sign an affidavit that they are in fact, an agent for the bidder, and will hold the county harmless from any dispute that may arise from the payment of a commission.  The agency will be verified by the Division of County Lands.


3.                  The standard bid process as required by F.S. 125.35 will be followed.


4.                  A commission will be paid to the broker, identified as representing the successful bidder, upon closing with the broker’s principal.



NOTE:   The SURPLUS LAND REAL ESTATE BROKER REGISTRATION FORM must be completed, fully executed, and made a part of the returned bid package.  If not, a brokerage commission will not be paid.







FORMAL QUOTE NO. Q-_____________


I, _(Name of Broker)_____, am an active, licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida, and hold a current, valid Florida Real Estate Broker’s License.  I am acting as the Agent for _(Bidder's Name)_,___(Bidder's address)___, _(Bidder's telephone number)__, a potential bidder on the above Lee County Quote for a certain parcel of County real property (see attached Exhibit A).


I affirm that I am not a vested party of the bidder.


I agree that I will receive only a brokerage commission if the above named bidder is the successful bidder on the subject property, and after the closing between the County and this bidder has been successfully concluded.


My commission will be  _______ % of the bid amount.


I agree that I will not receive, nor am I entitled to, any portion of any deposits given to Lee County by the successful bidder, in the event of the forfeiture of said deposit(s) for any reason(s).


I agree to indemnify and hold Lee County harmless from any dispute(s) that may arise between myself and any other party concerning the payment of the commission for the services I provided to the above bidder concerning the purchase of the subject property.



Real Estate Broker



Print Name


Florida Real Estate License Number


Sworn to and subscribed before this ______ day of _________________, 20___, by _________________________________________, who is personally known to me or who has produced the following identification: ____________________________________.



Signature of Notary Public




Name typed, printed or stamped

Title or Rank

Serial Number, if any