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Lee County Board of County Commissioners
Work Sessions and Management & Planning Agendas

Meeting Date Meeting Type Agenda Meeting Video

collapse Year: 2015
4/21/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: FY15-16 Draft Capital Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan
CIP April 2015 Update
Transportation Update
Project Summary Draft
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3

4/7/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: FY15-16 Operating Budget Policies
PowerPoint Presentation

3/3/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Continuation Budget/Roads CIP
PowerPoint Presentation

2/17/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Pine Island Land Litigation

2/3/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Southwest Florida Economic Development Alliance Update
Backup Materials

1/20/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Conservation 20/20 Draft Ordinance Amendments

1/6/2015Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Transportation Needs and Funding Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation

collapse Year: 2014
10/29/2014Work Session Agenda
Description: Goal-Setting Workshop (Open to the public, but no public input will be taken and no decisions will be made by the board.)
Workshop Announcement

10/21/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Policy Priorities

9/17/2014Budget MemoVideo
Description: Final Budget Public Hearing

9/16/2014Work Session Agenda
Description: This Work Session has been CANCELED.

9/3/2014Budget MemoVideo
Description: First Budget Public Hearing
Agenda and backup materials

9/2/2014Work Session Agenda
Impact Fee Re-projections

8/19/2014Work Session AgendaVideo

8/12/2014Work Session AgendaVideo

8/5/2014Budget MemoVideo
Description: 3rd Budget Workshop

6/17/2014Budget MemoVideo
Description: 2nd Budget Workshop
Budget Workshop PowerPoint Presentation, 6/17/14

5/27/2014Budget MemoVideo
Description: 1st Budget Workshop
Continuation Budgets Workshop PowerPoint Presentation, 5/27/14

5/6/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Legal Liability; CIP and Major Maintenance
Backup Materials: Litigation Cost Estimates
Backup Materials: CIP FY 14-15
Backup Materials: CIP FY 14-15 Detail
Backup Materials: Major Maintenance FY 14-15
Backup Materials: Major Maintenance FY 14-15 Detail
Backup Materials: Capital/Maintenance Program

4/15/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Sheriff's Budget and Operations
Backup Materials: Sheriff's Office Five-Year Strategic Plan
Backup Materials: Sheriff's Office Position Statement

4/1/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Conservation 20/20
Backup Materials: Conservation 20/20 Proposed Criteria Ranking Form
Backup Materials: Conservation 20/20 Proposed Criteria Ranking Form (with revisions)
Backup Materials: Conservation 20/20 Flow Chart Revisions

3/18/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Solid Waste and Term Limits
Backup Materials: Solid Waste Presentation
Backup Materials: Lee County Charter Presentation

3/4/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Countywide Expenses Overview and Discussion
Backup Materials: Countywide Expenses
Backup Materials: General Fund Budget

2/18/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Impact Fees and Transit Trends
Backup Materials: Impact Fees
Backup Materials: Transit

1/21/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: Revenues Work Session
Backup Materials

1/6/2014Work Session AgendaVideo
Description: County Lands 20/20 Work Session

collapse Year: 2013
12/2/2013M&P AgendaVideo

11/4/2013M&P AgendaVideo

6/3/2013M&P AgendaVideo

5/6/2013M&P AgendaVideo

3/4/2013M&P AgendaVideo

2/4/2013M&P AgendaVideo

1/14/2013M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2012
11/5/2012M&P AgendaVideo

10/1/2012M&P AgendaVideo

8/6/2012M&P AgendaVideo

6/4/2012M&P AgendaVideo

5/7/2012M&P AgendaVideo

3/5/2012M&P AgendaVideo

2/6/2012M&P AgendaVideo

1/9/2012M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2011
12/5/2011M&P AgendaVideo

10/3/2011M&P AgendaVideo

9/12/2011M&P AgendaVideo

8/8/2011M&P AgendaVideo

6/7/2011M&P AgendaVideo

6/6/2011M&P AgendaVideo

5/9/2011M&P AgendaVideo

4/11/2011M&P AgendaVideo

4/4/2011M&P AgendaVideo

3/14/2011M&P AgendaVideo

2/7/2011M&P AgendaVideo

1/10/2011M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2010
12/6/2010M&P AgendaVideo

11/1/2010M&P AgendaVideo

10/4/2010M&P AgendaVideo

9/13/2010M&P AgendaVideo

6/7/2010M&P AgendaVideo

5/3/2010M&P AgendaVideo

4/5/2010M&P AgendaVideo

2/1/2010M&P AgendaVideo

1/11/2010M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2009
12/7/2009M&P AgendaVideo

11/2/2009M&P AgendaVideo

10/5/2009M&P AgendaVideo

9/14/2009M&P AgendaVideo

8/3/2009M&P AgendaVideo

6/2/2009M&P AgendaVideo

6/1/2009M&P AgendaVideo

5/4/2009M&P AgendaVideo

4/6/2009M&P AgendaVideo

3/12/2009Issues Workshop AgendaVideo

3/2/2009M&P AgendaVideo

2/12/2009Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: Status of Conservation 20/20 Program and Landfill Gas Utilization at the Gulf Coast Landfill

2/2/2009M&P AgendaVideo

1/5/2009M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2008
12/1/2008M&P AgendaVideo

11/3/2008M&P AgendaVideo

10/6/2008M&P AgendaVideo

9/8/2008M&P AgendaVideo

8/4/2008M&P AgendaVideo

6/2/2008M&P AgendaVideo

5/5/2008M&P AgendaVideo

4/7/2008M&P AgendaVideo

3/13/2008M&P AgendaVideo

2/4/2008M&P AgendaVideo

1/10/2008Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: Waterway Estates Wastewater Capacity Alternative Review

1/7/2008M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2007
12/13/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo

12/3/2007M&P AgendaVideo

11/8/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo

11/5/2007M&P AgendaVideo

10/1/2007M&P AgendaVideo

9/13/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: CIP

9/10/2007M&P AgendaVideo

8/9/2007M&P AgendaVideo

6/11/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: DRGR

6/4/2007M&P AgendaVideo

5/10/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: Smart Growth

5/7/2007M&P AgendaVideo

4/7/2007M&P Agenda

3/12/2007M&P Agenda

3/8/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: Transportation

2/5/2007M&P AgendaVideo

1/11/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: Landfill

1/8/2007M&P AgendaVideo

1/4/2007Issues Workshop AgendaVideo
Description: BOCC Interactions

collapse Year: 2006
12/4/2006M&P AgendaVideo

11/6/2006M&P AgendaVideo

10/9/2006M&P AgendaVideo

9/11/2006M&P AgendaVideo

8/14/2006M&P AgendaVideo

6/5/2006M&P AgendaVideo

5/1/2006M&P AgendaVideo

4/3/2006M&P AgendaVideo

2/6/2006M&P AgendaVideo

1/9/2006M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2005
12/5/2005M&P AgendaVideo

11/7/2005M&P AgendaVideo

10/3/2005M&P AgendaVideo

9/12/2005M&P AgendaVideo

8/1/2005M&P AgendaVideo

6/6/2005M&P AgendaVideo

5/2/2005M&P AgendaVideo

4/4/2005M&P AgendaVideo

3/14/2005M&P AgendaVideo

2/7/2005M&P AgendaVideo

1/10/2005M&P AgendaVideo

collapse Year: 2004
11/1/2004M&P AgendaVideo

10/4/2004M&P AgendaVideo

8/2/2004M&P AgendaVideo

6/7/2004M&P AgendaVideo

5/3/2004M&P AgendaVideo

4/5/2004M&P Agenda

3/8/2004M&P Agenda

2/2/2004M&P Agenda

1/5/2004M&P Agenda

collapse Year: 2003
12/1/2003M&P Agenda

11/3/2003M&P Agenda

10/7/2003M&P Agenda

9/8/2003M&P Agenda

8/4/2003M&P Agenda

7/7/2003M&P Agenda

6/2/2003M&P Agenda

5/3/2003M&P Agenda