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Lee County Board of County Commissioners

P.O. Box 398 Fort Myers Fl 33902


Anne Henkel

(239) 533-2312

eCivis Grants Locator access







 To participate in the program, a Community-Based Group must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1) have an office located within Lee County

2) offer services that directly benefit the residents of Lee County

3) offer services on a non-discriminatory basis

4) comply with all federal non-discrimination laws

5) be organized under the IRS Code section 501C  (Not limited to 501c.3   Corporations, any 501c designation in the IRS code is eligible).

In Addition:



  • There is no cost to the organization for participation 
  • Grants Locator is Internet-based. No special software is required, and can be accessed from any computer (home, work, library) with access to the Internet.  
  • A unique user login ID and password is required.  
  • Organizations may request up to two login IDs.  
  • Login IDs may NOT be shared, either within an organization or with any outside organization.  
  • eCivis provides online training to help users fully utilize the features of Grants Locator.


Please contact Anne Henkel (, Management Analyst for Lee County, for more details.


By clicking agree, I certify that my community based organization meets the eligibility requirements and consents to the requirements of the agreement with Lee County.