​​​​​​Required for new construction and additions more than 2,500 square feet​

  1. COMPLETED APPLICATION.  Get the application.

  2. SITE PLAN - FOUR COPIES. To identify location of building including, but not limited to, FBC[A]107.2.5 Site Plan.

  3. PLANS - FOUR COPIES. ​Plans that are prepared by a Florida registered architect or engineer shall be prepared in compliance with required wind loads and must contain a statement on the plan that the building/structure has been designed according to the Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017). The following information related to wind loads shall be shown on the construction drawings:

      • Ultimate design wind speed and nominal design wind speed
      • Risk category
      • Wind exposure
      • Classification of the applicable enclosure (internal pressure coefficient)
      • Design wind pressure to be used for exterior components and cladding​
      • Geotechnical information 

    If the construction is located in a coastal area specific to the limitations under The Lee County Land Development Code, Chapter 14, Article II, Division 2, Sea Turtles; also Chapter 6, Article III Coastal Construction Code, and Article IV Flood Hazard Reduction, the architect or engineer shall provide a statement of compliance with those applicable code sections.

    Manufacturer's name and model number with Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and product approval number from Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations is required for windows, doors, garage doors, shutters, overhead doors, pre-engineered soffit, panel walls, roofing, skylights, structural components, pre-engineered roof access hatches, EFIS, etc., per State of Florida Administrative Code 61G20-3. ​​

    Identify on plans if building has an automatic sprinkler system (NFPA 13 or 13R or 13D or Non-Sprinklered).  When applicable (out of a fire district requirement for the type of construction, or provision of a Development Order) note compliance for automatic fire sprinklers. Plans must show compliance with State of Florida Administrative Code 61G15-32
    If structure is a Modular Building four (4) sets of Department of Economic Opportunity approved plans and a valid approval letter. 
    Four (4) sets of signed, dated and sealed foundation plans. 
    Four (4) sets of construction details for the handicap ramp and or stairs.
  4. MASTER PLANS. ​If plans are intended to be mastered, the engineer or architect shall indicate by a sealed letter or statement on the plans that he approves of the repetitive use of the plans for permitting or, if a case by case approval (by letter from the architect or engineer) specific to each application is required for permitting.​ ​

    Get in-depth information on the details and specifications required on all plans​.​

  5. PLAN REVIEW FEES are due when making application. Initial Plan Review submittals fees are $.10 psf/$200 min.  Revisions​ are $.01psf / $50 min.

  6. ENERGY CALCULATIONS FOUR COPIES. Designed to the current Florida Building Code and signed, dated and sealed by Florida registered architect or engineer.

  7. WELLS. If a WELL is to be used, a copy of the well permit must be submitted at time of application. A final well inspection must be obtained prior to Certificate of Occupancy. If the well is existing, a letter from Natural Resources is required at time of application - 1500 Monroe St. Ft. Myers, FL. 33901 (239-533-8109)

  8. SEPTIC PERMIT. If construction is serviced by a septic system, a copy of the septic permit and perk​ test must be submitted at time of application. A final septic inspection is required prior to Certificate of Occupancy. If septic is existing, a letter from the Health Department is required stating approval for new structure at time of submittal. Health Department address 2295 Victoria Ave., Ft. Myers, FL. 33901 (239-690-2100)

  9. APPROVAL FROM DBPR. If a project deals with food, your project must be approved by the Department of Business & Professional Regulations (DBPR) Hotels and Restaurants. For more information, please visit http://www.myflorida.com/. A final health inspection is required prior to Certificate of Occupancy. Our plans for construction do not require any approvals from their division.

  10. IMPACT FEES are figured by the Impact Coordinator prior to issuance. An Impact Letter must be submitted with your application.  Get more information​.

  11. ADDITIONAL PERMITS could be required for gas, fire alarms, monitors, sprinkler systems, refrigeration, hoods, suppression, underground tanks and others. The applications require a separate application to be submitted.

  12. VEGETATION PERMIT A vegetation permit is required before building permit issuance (if required by Development Review.)

  13. NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT (NOC). If construction value is $2,500 or more, a Notice of Commencement is required and will need to be recorded with the Lee County Clerk of Court prior to issuance of the building permit. (Notice of Commencement phone number is 239-533-5000.)

​​​​Required for additions under 2,500 square feet and interior remodeling 

  1. COMPLETED APPLICATION. Get the application.

  2. SITE PLAN. Interior Remodel/Change of Use requires one (1) site plan with parking layout and four (4) floor plans.  Exterior remodels require four (4) site plans with parking layout.  Additions require four (4) site plans with parking layout and four (4) floor plans.

  3. PLANS.  Four (4) sets of construction plans (interior remodels not necessary to be sealed unless architecturally designed, structural work is being done, or job value exceeds $25,000 per Florida Statute 481.229(c)). All additions require an architect/engineer seal.

  4. SAME AS NUMBERS 2 THROUGH 9 ABOVE.  Information needed is the same as numbers 2 through 9 for new

  5. ​​PERMISSION LETTER. If work to be performed is under $2,500, a letter from owner of property (not the tenant) giving permission for work to be performed is required at time of issuance of permit.​

  6. PLAN REVIEW FEES for interior remodeling are also based on square footage.  Initial Plan Review submittals fees are $.10 psf/$200 min.  Revisions​ are $.01psf / $50 min.

  7. ZONING VERIFICATION FEES (if required).  Please review our fee schedule for more information.


Depending on your scope of work, additional sub-permits maybe required. 

  • New Commercial, Additions, Remodels $.30 / $300 min.
  • Plumbing permit $.03 / $100 min.
  • Electric permit $.20amp / $75 min.
  • HVAC permit $.03 / $100 min.
  • Duct Work Only permit $75
  • Roof permit ​$200​
  • Each permit is charged an Administration fee of 1.5% of the permit fee, minimum of $2
  • ​Each permit is charged a Radon fee of 1% of the permit fee, minimum of $2

Review the fees associated to all permits.