Telegraph Creek Preserve

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Telegraph Creek Preserve
16451 North River Road
Alva , Florida 33920

Total Acres: 1726.84
Number of Parcels: 2
Total Cost: $23,900,000.00
Date Acquired: Friday, January 30, 2009 *
*Date first parcel was acquired.

Additional Acquisition Information
Land Stewardship Plan

Coordinator: Hank Forehand
Telephone: (239) 822-7942

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***Equestrian trails are closed due to seasonal high water across the preserve, trails will reopen when water recedes and trails are passable.***

This large preserve, located in Alva in northeastern Lee County, provides critical habitat for numerous listed animal species, including Florida panther, crested caracara, red-cockaded woodpecker and eastern indigo snake. This preserve also includes a significant area of scrub habitat, which previously was documented to have been used by the Florida Scrub-Jay, a federally-listed threatened species. Restoration efforts, including prescribed burns, will focus on improving this habitat for scrub-jays to return to this area.

Telegraph Creek flows through the southeastern portion of this preserve. The preserve is also adjacent to Caloosahatchee Regional Park and Bob Janes Preserve, a Conservation 20/20 preserve which, in turn, is adjacent to Babcock Ranch Preserve in Charlotte County. Together, these conservation lands provide a critical corridor to support wildlife.

Two separate trails are open to the public at Telegraph Creek Preserve. The eastern trailhead is for hiking only and also provides access to Bob Janes Preserve and a marked hiking trail along its southern boundary. The western trailhead includes both hiking and equestrian use.

There is no paddle craft launch at the preserve. However, visitors may canoe or kayak into the preserve via access from Telegraph Creek.

Recreation Opportunities:
Bird Watching, Canoeing/Kayaking, Hiking (Marked Trails), Hiking (Unmarked or Fire Lines), Horseback Riding, Nature Study/Photography

Additional Information:
The preserve has an active cattle lease. Please remember to close any gate as you enter or exit the preserve.

Telegraph Creek Preserve Trail Map - Eastern Access

Telegraph Creek Preserve Trail Map - Western Access

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