Cherry Estates Side Street CIP/MSBU
​Project Documents

Project Type:  Road Repair

Waived Informal Petition
Resident Update Letter
Engineering Firms Task Contract
Topographic Survey
Bidding Technical Specifications
Meeting Notice/Resident Letters
Proposed Contractor Change Order
7-19-18 Letter to Property Owner10-10-18 Letter to Property Owners
Prepayment Invoice
Hardship Deferral/Matching Grant Application
Updated Bidding Documents

 Scope of Work
 Bid Schedule
 Technical Specifications
 Pavement Coring Report
 Topographic Survey
 Special Provisions
​Project Status
  • 4/18/17: ​Board approved creation of unit. Project will move into design phase.
  • Awaiting contract from Engineering firm.  Preliminary testing and surveying being conducted.
  • 11/7/17:  Supplemental Task Authorization for Cherry Estates Road Re-Surfacing with AIM Engineering approved.
  • AIM Engineering completed surveys.  Uploading survey data & completing bid docs.  Estimated completion of documents back to County week of 2/5/18.
  • County staff reviewing draft technical specifications & will provide CIP update at the conclusion of O&M 4/19/18: Meeting at American Legion Hall, Pine Island.
  • Received one (1) bid from Pavement Maintenance, LLC for $443,370.50 for total project.  Contract bid reviewed by staff & meets specificactions.  
  • 5/29/18: Contract documents approved by County Management.  Request for Letter of Credit for funding to be heard by the Board on June 5.
  • Notice of Meeting:  July 19, 2018 at 9:00 am Location:  Lee County Public Works Building, 1500 Monroe St., 1st Floor Conference Room Discussion:  Lee County staff, Pavement Management & AIM Engineering review specifications & possible timelines.
  • 7/19/18: Members agreed to move foward with the Contractor changes.  Letters to property owners issued with start work date & project information.
  • 10/3/18:  County working on final numbers and closeout.
  • 11/6/18:  Final Assessment approved at Public Hearing at Board meeting 9:30 a.m.
​Marina / Coral Cir DRedge CIP/MSBU
​Project Documents
Project Type:  Channel Dredge
Informal Petitions
Formal Petition
First Notification Letter
Financial Disclosure ​
​Project Status
  • 4/18/17: Board approved creation of unit.  Project will move into design phase.
  • Received contract from Engineering company.  Issued Notice to Proceed for surveying and permitting. 
  • AIM Engineering working on location of off-load and spoil site.  Note: if not determined by 2/15/18 will move forward with application with contractor responsibility of sites.
  • 7/19/18: Severance Fee Permit Check being processed and upon receipt Permit Application will be submitted to Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  • 10/3/18: AIM obtaining permits & payment for spoil removal. ​
​Sunset Cove
​Project documents

​Project Type: Channel/Canal Dredge
 Formal Petition
 Letters for Petition
 Supplemental Task Authorization
​ Project Status
  • ​​​Informal Petitions received. Consulting Engineer working on Probable Cost Estimate.
  • 7/31/17: Formal Petitions to community representative.
  • 4/3/18: Board approved creation of CIP and O&M.
  • 4/3/18: Board approved creation of both CIP and O&M.  Requested Aim Engineering to provide STA contract for their work.
  • 7/19/18: Final Survey work being completed.  Documents for bidding being drafted.
  • 10/3/18:  AIM obtaining permits.
​Oak Creek
​Project Documents

Project Type:  Road Paving
Initial Resident Letter
Resident Update Letter
Supplemental Task Authorization
Unit-Creating Resolution
Assessment Resolution
​Project Status:
  • 9/4/18: Board approved creation of CIP.  AIM Engineering working on design. ​
​Telegraph Creek CIP/O&M
​Project documents

Project Type: Bridge Repair & Maintenance
Initial Resident Letter
Proposed Resolution
Supplemental Task Authorization
​​Project Status:
  • 11/6/18:  Board approved CIP and O&M for project.​
  • 11/7/18:  Update letters sent to residents.
​Burgundy farms cip/msbu
​project documents
​Project Type:  Road Paving
Unit-Creating Resolution
Unit Map
County Reimbursement Resolution
Project Status
  • 12/4/18: Board approved creation of CIP Paving contract documents being prepared for fomal bidding.