eCivis Grants Network Online Application

(for County Employees and Community-Based Groups)

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 To participate in the program, a Community-Based Group must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1) Have an office located within Lee County.

2) Offer services that directly benefit the residents of Lee County.

3) Offer services on a non-discriminatory basis.

4) Comply with all federal non-discrimination laws.

5) Be organized under IRS Code section 501C -- not limited to 501c(3) corporations.

6) Agree to the Memorandum of Understanding with Lee County and comply with requirements of the agreement that includes our ability to compile information on system usage.

7) Agree to the eCivis Terms and Conditions.



  • There is no cost to the organization for participation. 
  • eCivis Grants Network is Internet-based. No special software is required, and can be accessed from any computer (home, work, library) with access to the Internet.  
  • A unique user login ID and password is required.  
  • Organizations may request up to two login IDs.  
  • Login IDs may NOT be shared, either within an organization or with any outside organization. 
  • eCivis provides online training to help users fully utilize the features of Grants Network.


Email Anne Henkel at  for more details.


By clicking agree, I certify that my community-based organization meets the eligibility requirements and consents to the requirements of the agreement with Lee County.