collapse Year : 2019 ‎(10)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments6/19/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing6/5/2019Agenda
 Zoning Hearing5/22/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing5/8/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments4/17/2019AgendaVideos (Part 1 & 2)
 Zoning Hearing4/3/2019AgendaVideo
 Lee Plan Amendments3/20/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/20/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/6/2019AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing1/16/2019AgendaVideo
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(16)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments12/5/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments11/7/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing10/17/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing10/3/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments9/5/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments8/9/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments6/20/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing6/6/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing5/16/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments5/2/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing4/18/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments4/4/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing3/7/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing2/21/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/7/2018AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments1/17/2018AgendaVideo
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(19)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments12/20/2017AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments12/6/2017AgendaVideo
 Lee Plan Amendments11/22/2017AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing11/8/2017AgendaVideo
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​Zoning Hearings and Lee Plan Amendment videos prior to 2015 can be found in our Old Meeting Video Archive.