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Vision, Mission & Values


To be recognized as the model for service excellence!


Provide the leadership necessary to promote and improve our community sustainability by providing cost-effective and efficient services to the residents and visitors of Lee County, Florida.


• Treat the public and our co-workers with respect, dignity and courtesy.

• Conduct ourselves in a professional manner that increases public confidence in government.

• Remain fair and impartial while carrying out the work of our County government.

• Be productive and responsible in order to maximize services to our citizens.

• Promote, appreciate and value the benefits of diversity in our workforce and community.

• Continually strive to maintain a transparent government cultivating public trust.

• Take personal responsibility to be accountable to the public for our actions, remembering that our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

• Take pride that we work in public service to continually improve our community.