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Contact:   Pete Winton, Lee County Administration,
                 (941) 335-2777



FORT MYERS, Fla. (February 19, 2002) – The Board of Lee County Commissioners today approved the following items during its regular weekly meeting.  They are: 

Road Repaving – Approved the repaving of 33 road segments in North Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres and South Fort Myers through the annual countywide resurfacing program.  The contract is with APAC-Florida Inc.  The county contracted with APAC in September to do $776,000 of roads resurfacing throughout the county.  Because of favorable pricing on asphalt, the county is resurfacing additional streets for $196,000.  Call Pete Winton at 335-2777 to receive a fax listing of the added road segments. 

Three Oaks Extension – Approved a professional engineering services agreement with Johnson Engineering Inc. for design of Three Oaks Parkway Extension from within The Brooks development to Imperial Street in Bonita Springs.  The contract is for $1.66 million and will include options for connecting to Terry and Imperial streets.  The cost of the project is about $16 million.  Construction is slated sometime in fiscal year 2004-05.  Contact Nicole Maxey at 479-8580 for more information. 

Parks Ordinance – Set a March 12, 5 p.m. public hearing on changes in the county’s park ordinance that give county park rangers authority to issue citations for violations of the ordinance.  This also means the rangers will receive code enforcement certification training.  Call John Yarbrough at 461-7410 for more information.