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Lee County Trivia Answers:

1. Betty Bowen (1974-1978)
2. Melvin Morgan (1983-1984)
3. Vicki Lopez-Wolfe (1990-92)
4. Tammy Hall (2004-Present; chairwoman in 2006 and 2010)
5. One, the Bigelow family: Charles Bigelow (1986-90), his son Brian Bigelow (2006-Present)
6. Collier and Hendry counties were created out of the original Lee County in 1923.
7. Americal Civil War Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee
8. Hendry Street (FA Hendry, 1887-1889)
9. Just Cause starring Sean Connery
10. Ray Judah (employee 1983-1988, commissioner 1988-present)
11. The notorious moonshiner Bill Clay kept his still in the creek, which soon became known as "Whiskey Creek."
12. Toad Town is the area where McGregor and Colonial boulevards meet.