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October 2012
"Celebrations of Excellence"


Celebrations of Excellence

The years since 2007 have been tough. Lee County was at the epicenter of the national foreclosure crisis and economic slowdown known as the Great Recession. County revenues dropped dramatically as property values plummeted and people lost their jobs and homes. County government had to scale back accordingly, downsizing by more than 400 positions. Departments that served the construction industry, such as permitting and inspections, suffered massive layoffs.

County Commissioners were committed to get through the lean times without raising taxes, and they have done so without cutting services by using reserves built up during better economic times. Employees did their part by taking on additional job duties, participating in mandatory furloughs, and paying increased health and retirement benefits. Often, Lee County employees were the only members of their household still bringing in a paycheck.

Through it all, Lee County employees continued to work hard for the community they love. Members of the public were quick to voice their appreciation for the attentive service and personal touch they received from county employees. In recognition, County Manager Karen Hawes instituted a new program called “Together We Mean Community,” which allowed members of the public or fellow employees to nominate a Lee County employee who had gone above and beyond in service to the public.
The program has been very well received, and as part of our 125th anniversary year, we are proud to recognize the employees being honored through this program.

Information: Together We Mean Community 

Roy Hobbs World Series

When: Oct. 20-Nov. 17

Where: Throughout Lee County

Cost: Tickets are $1 per day per person

Information: Roy Hobbs Baseball is adult amateur recreational baseball with teams and leagues from across the United States converging upon Lee County for their World Series each year.


Untold Stories

When: Throughout the year

Where: LeeTV

Cost: Free

Information:  25 episodes about the history of local communities produced by FGCU. Airing 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. Thursdays, and 3 p.m. Sundays. Click here to search programming by date.